Murphy ‐Ranch at North Hill Buyer 

When I made the decision to search for a new home; I enlisted the help of my friend Suzanne  who lucky for me; happens to be a realtor.Suzanne made my “wish list” of must haves and a  short list of “maybes”.She immediately went to work and searched for the perfect home for me  and my family.At times I would attempt to stray from my own wish list and Suzanne would  remind me that she could find my dream home and not to settle.She returned my focus to what I  really desired in a home and in just week’s; she found it!We both knew when we drove up that  this is it; it was perfect in every way.I love my new home and completely enjoyed the experience  of the search; Suzanne made it so much fun.Thank you again Suzanne for your hard work and  efforts.

— Laura H