Garland ‐Duck Creek Estates Seller

After a series of one bad thing after another, my husband and I realized we were about two  months from foreclosing on our first home we ever owned. Not getting any help from the bank,  we then made the decision to try to preserve whatever we had and sell our home. We were  desperate and had no idea where to begin, when a good friend recommended Suzanne to us.  Since neither one of us knew anything about selling a home, we were nervous because our life  was literally resting in her hands. Within minutes of meeting her, we felt at ease and confident  that she could help us. She displayed tremendous knowledge of the business and the process, as  she carefully executed how to begin and explained every step of the way. She helped us stage our  home and used high end photography and advertisement that made our home look wonderfully  marketable and appealing to the buyer. Within just a few weeks, we had four offers, and after just  one month on the market, we were in the process of closing the sale of our home! We wouldn’t  change anything about our experience, and we can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to  Suzanne for all of her help. We will recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, and  we are so blessed to call Suzanne a friend.

— Adam and Carlie T